I am slightly annoyed and since I probably shouldn’t vent my frustration to the people annoying me (Must be a good preacher’s wife) I will take it to my blog…where I can just be me (warts, sarcasm and all)

I am getting pretty annoyed with the people who assume that since Michael is home he must have nothing to do. Hello! He works from home and actually has a lot to do. You see, as the teacher, minister and encourager to a lovely congregation of people here in Stevens Point he has lessons to plan, sermons to prepare, people to visit, his prison correspondence and on occasion (like now) a sister in Christ who needs a ride to the Dr. And should he manage to finish all that in a week he does have an extremely long honey do list that currently has very few things checked off, an extremely pregnant wife and a baby due in less than 8 weeks. He also works 20 hours a week at the hospital and has been enjoying his gardening time when he can squeeze it in. (Yikes, when I type it all out, even I feel sorry for him)

Michael likes having people stop by and especially those who have a need for counsel and such. However we have a few who have started popping by every day to shoot the breeze. One individual will stop by and stay for like 2 hours. There is no need that needs to be address, they are just bored or lonely. Michael is far to kind to ever say anything but I can tell the stress is starting to mount up. Plus we have to consider what this will mean when Lentil arrives. We are arranging our schedules so we don’t need to use outside childcare. We do realize this will require much better time management skills then we are currently employing. We can do all things through Christ who gives us strength!

But don’t worry, I’m not too nice to address the situation…..


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