Expectations slightly downgraded.

If you remember back in October I was gearing up to completely redecorate my master bedroom. Its ok if you don’t recall those grandiose plans, it has been awhile. And grandiose plans they were. I had my sights set on new furniture, paint decor…the works. It was to be my first of the year project. Except then my first of the year project became growing a baby. Most people who live on a budget will tell you that once you are expecting a baby all large, expensive and labor intensive projects get re-evaluated, scrapped all together or seriously down graded. We went with downgraded…. and I am still please how it turned out. My goal was a pretty and relaxing room that reflected who we are. I would still like to include more handmade things but those can be added over time.

Most everything was repurposed and rescued.

100_0222.jpg picture by Cre8tiveCrys

I did pick up this lively Liberty of London comforter from Target on clearance. I still love our old comforter but wanted something more Spring like. I will totally repurpose this for fabric when I am finished with it. I do realize it is slightly sad that I have yet to get around to making a quilt for our bed.

Our headboard was in Michael’s grandmother’s room when she was a girl. My night table is actually his grandfather’s desk from the 40’s and Michael night table is one of his many vintage sewing machine in a table.

100_0225.jpg picture by Cre8tiveCrys

this hutch/dresser was bought from one of my brother in law’s nursery like 40 years ago. Good thing it is solid wood since it took a lot of abuse. There is even a garbage pail kid sticker stuck to the side of it. One day I will get around to refinishing it but today is not the day. We have had this in most rooms in our house and just keep moving it around.

100_0227.jpg picture by Cre8tiveCrys

the trunk at the end of the bed was also Micheal’s grandmother’s. It was her hope chest.

The lighting in these pictures kind of stinks. Sorry about that. Can you tell the walls are the color of chocolate milk? If not, take my word for it…they are.

So one room down….now to get the guest room back in order. Then I can concentrate all my energy on the baby’s room. Especially since she will be here before we know it.


2 thoughts on “Expectations slightly downgraded.

  1. Everything looks great! I will come over soon to see it in person.

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