Just so you know….

Lentil is a GIRL!!!!! And we are beyond thrilled!

Now the hard work begins…getting ready. We have started in the Nursery. Want to see some preliminary pics?

ok, you twisted my arm….

100_0163.jpg picture by Cre8tiveCrys

Lentil’s daddy hard at work assembling the crib.

100_0161.jpg picture by Cre8tiveCrys

He had a little help from Bucky….

100_0165.jpg picture by Cre8tiveCrys

But that didn’t last very long.

100_0172.jpg picture by Cre8tiveCrys

View from the door.

100_0167.jpg picture by Cre8tiveCrys

The crib

100_0169.jpg picture by Cre8tiveCrys

Changing table and Glider rocker. Michael did break that door while loading it into the van but Michele feels pretty sure she can fix it.

Now on to the decor…I need to make curtains, changing table pad, glider cushion and crib bedding just to start with….


2 thoughts on “Just so you know….

  1. congrats on a girl!! as for your next post, i would leave it blue πŸ™‚ its pretty, pink walls seems to be in overdrive girly but hey its your nursery πŸ™‚ is your ticker off on SM? it says you are 9 weeks 3 days pregnant or something like that, i think you are wayyyy further along since you know lentil is a girl now?

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