It is going to be a busy day over at Chez McKissick!

I should have gotten up way earlier then I did. Also probably shouldn’t have had cookies and Mountain Dew for breakfast…..

I received numerous calls from work begging me to come in as they are swamped. I actually would have if I wasn’t a;ready so busy. I am supposed to run to Wausau to pick something up and then high tale it over to Connie’s (who is the wife of one of our Elders) for a holiday luncheon.

Then I have a lot of gifts to finish up and wrap and my house looks abused.

I know I told someone I would do something with them tonight but for the life of me I can’t remember who/what. WHich is the precise reason I should have my planner surgically attached to me. I’ll just be prepared when whoever texts me to tell me I am late for whatever. Tis the season.

Also with all that going on you would think I would get up,get dressed and get to crackin’….except I am blogging in my pajamas at 10:30 in the morning instead. Wish me luck.


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