Work It Wednesday

So on Wednesday I do my housework but I have noticed that I never get ahead. I am alway doing the same chores over and over. Is that typical of house work or what?

Anyways I have challenged myself to not only get my regular chores done (I can’t in all fairness call it maintenance since it REALLY needs to be cleaned each and every Wednesday and a couple days in between) but I would also like to get one “project” done each week. One of the things on my never-ending list that never manages to get crossed off.

Today I took everything out of my kitchen and dining room that wasn’t nailed down and scrubbed it from top to bottom. For a room that gets cleaned weekly man it was dirty. I then made all of our possessions “audition” for a spot in the new and decluttered kitchen and dining room. Those that weren’t up to the task were forced to find new homes at Good Will. It took all day and I am exhausted. I am also very proud of what I accomplished. I would should you pictures but I have mopped myself in to the basement……


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