Non stop Tuesday

I got up early today to head down to Textile Fabrics in Nashville (off Wedgewood). They have an amazing selection and lots of super fun stuff but they are ridiculously over priced. Seriously…they have free spirit fabrics marked for $12.98 a yard. Michael wanted some linen and I found a gorgeous one but was not coughing up $50 a yard (especially when I needed 3 yards) I did pick up some more cherry buttons and a yard of Japanese linen with the three little pigs on it for $22.98 a yard. Good thing my mother in law was paying.

Then I drove up to Springfield (which is a haul) to meet my grandmother for lunch. It was less unpleasant then it usually is and I shall leave it at that.

I ran to the bank and grocery store for my mother in law and came home and started dinner (after a 30 minute nap)

After dinner I went BACK to the grocery store with my mother in law for the rest of the Thanksgiving stuff. She seriously goes to Kroger every single day. It is sort of making me crazy.

We played Dominos this evening and started some Thanksgiving prep work. Tomorrow starts our serious cooking and baking.

I also hope to meet up with a friend and hit up the mega Joann’s with Michael…who still wants linen


One thought on “Non stop Tuesday

  1. Perhaps you should get you MOL a gift card for Kroger for Christmas? If you see CheerWine soda, have some for me, it’s so good.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

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