Impossibility Update

Mom and Dad’s quilt? Done (see post below)

Matching Pillow cases? Done

Gingerbread men? Will be stuffed with stuffing while I am at work today and finished before the Play

Pot Holders? Mostly done but will be making a roadtrip unfinished. I will bind them in TN.

Both quilts and half the other gifts are wrapped. I will finish the last few things tomorrow morning.

Kitchen gadgets are collected. Laundry is caught up. Hair will be undone as I couldn’t fit it in.

I was so excited to be leaving that I woke up at 4:30 this am to get some last minute things done.

I do have to work on our road trip play list since I am pretty certain my husband will not let me listen to the Wicked soundtrack for 14 hours straight. (But I totally could) And I refuse to listed to Elvis or Jerry Garcia for 14 hours straight (But he totally could)


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