Holy Guacamole Pablo Picasso!!!!

We leave Friday for vacation and I have a metric ton of things to finish/get done. To make it even more fun I won’t have a day off until Friday. Ahhh well, In the words of the great Mr. Magorium ‘Your life is an occasion, Rise to it!’

I am ready for a challenge and a whirl wind week. I can do this….right? You believe me, don’t you?

Things left to accomplish:

Stitch the binding down on a quilt (a very, very large and important quilt)

Whip up 2 coordinating pillow cases

Finish quilted pot holders

Gingerbread men ornaments

Extra curricular activities this week (which have the potential to make the above list humanly impossible but hey, I am super woman…or crazy)

Tuesday night knitting group with my Ravelry homies…in Wausau (45 minutes away)

Wednesday night bible study

Thursday night date with Christin and Emily to see RENT…wooo hooo.


That leaves Monday night free right? Well, I sort of work until 10pm mmmmm. I can accomplish this. I will accomplish this. I need Mountain Dew.


When will I finish my list? Pack? Gather kitchen Utensils I must haul with me to Tennessee ? Cancel Dentist appointment? Get hair done?


I can’t wait to get to Tennessee and relax. I suspect I will need it. I am also super excited to visit family and friends.

P.S. My social calendar is filling fast so if you want to see me let me know soon or you might miss your window of opportunity.  That or your allotted time will be result in you accompanying me on one of the many grocery store trips my mother in law is certain to send me on!


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