Oh Saturday….

Way must you always go away so quickly?

I spent the morning hours doing wedding hair and make up for Barbara’s sister-in-law. The most exciting part was that they live on a farm and I got to watch their new baby horse hop around his mama and then I got to play with the baby goats!!!!

After doing 5 head’s of hair and make up I came home and took a nap with my sweet husband. Seems like we are both so busy lately that we have to steal time away to spend time together. He had to go to a preacher’s retreat up in Black River Falls today and got home just in time to nap.

Then we met our favorite friends (really they are our family here in Wisconsin) for dinner at Arby’s and many rounds of Mexican Train Dominos where I dominated the night and won by a long shot!

Do you have those special friends you feel like you can spend all the time in the world with and never tire of? Where you can be completely relaxed and laugh your head off? They truly are a gift from God and I pray He has blessed you with friends as amazing as our Thompson’s


But then I looked at the clock and relaxed that Saturday had breezed right on by……Good thing I like Sunday just as much.


3 thoughts on “Oh Saturday….

  1. I do have friends like that, but their names are McKissick’s, not Thompson’s, how weird is that! 🙂

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