Let the sexy bedroom made over begin!

Our super awesome new mattress was delivered today…..that means I must completely rearrange all bedrooms in my house….even though I still have swine flu and only have about 30 minutes of energy before I require a 2 hour nap.

 My exceptionally frugal husband finally caved in and agreed to by a decent mattress, Our last one most likely fell off the back of a truck in Detroit and was purchased at a cash only warehouse in the ghetto. We have discovered that our bodies are no longer 22 and can’t bounce back from crappy sleep as well….one of the many reasons I no longer go to the club (others include the fact that I no longer drink, I would rather spend my money on other things and I do not enjoy watching drunk people)

So our Serta Beauty Rest was delivered today. We had discussed upgrading to a king but decided to stick with a queen and spend more money on the mattress as opposed to buying a new bed and all new linens also. In reality we aren’t very tall people and a queen is sufficient.

 So now the fun begins! I am going to have Michael paint the new bedroom dark tealish blue (Stunning by Benjamin Moore) he is grumbling just a bit about this since technically he just painted this room WAY back in May… remember this room makeover?

Well technically that is the largest bedroom but not the master bedroom. Weird right….gotta love old houses. When we first moved in we used that bedroom as our room but then decided to actually try using the master bedroom since I was just using it as a huge closet. I have made an executive decision that we are moving back to the other room so it will have to be repainted. (yes this will be the 3rd time I moved our room in 3 years)  Also the blue room is moving to the little room next door so yes, I asked my sweet husband to repaint a room he just painted in May and to paint the room next to it the color he is painting over. Evil, I know….but no complaining will be accepted from him as Christin did most of the painting last time….Hey, Christin whatcha doing on Wednesday?

This all makes brilliant sense to me but as I am hopped up on cold medicine right now I am fairly certain it is coming across as a jumbled mess. Sorry. You will just have to wait for the pictures….


3 thoughts on “Let the sexy bedroom made over begin!

  1. I laid on a Tempurpedic today. WOW. Was it ever nice. Can’t wait to get one of those bad boys.

  2. YES

    Muah ha ha ha!

    PS I haven’t farmed in like 4 days. I’m sure EVERYTHING is dead.

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