Dear H1N1

Please go away! I hate being sick and I have lots to do. I do not have time for swine flu.

Also, I don’t want to miss work and think it is probably unwise to wish your head would just go ahead and explode already since that has to be preferrable to the pain of it swelling and throbbing.

I have to sweetest friends who keep offering to bring me soup which I think is adorable and kind but alas you have ruined that for me also Pig flu as my throat burns so badly that the thought of hot soup makes me tear up. I would rather have sherbert or jello…..or cheesecake…

Back to the point, Pig flu I am evicting you from my body effective immediately. I can’t have you jerking with my christmas sewing time or wasting all my sick days so GO AWAY.

In Misery, Whining and Loathing,



3 thoughts on “Dear H1N1

  1. Oh! Okay! I can bring you Jello shots! The ones I made today do not have alcohol. (Boring, right? :)) If you want I’ll bring some by on my way to work on Friday.

  2. Jello would be very nice….if my head does not explode before then…I feel certain it will though

  3. It’s so sad that you are not feeling well. I hope that you feel better soon. I hope Michael does not get sick either.

    Do you have a laptop? You should lay in bed and shop for fabric!

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