It’s all about Perspective

Emily and I often listen to musicals while we sew since I abhor bubble gum pop and Garth Brooks and she can only bear so much Christian hip hop. Today while listening to the phantom sound track we had the following exchange. Its struck me a funny so I thought I would share with you….


Crys: The Phantom is such a tool


Emily: I don’t know, I kind of feel sorry for him. It is societies fault for his behavior since he was treated so unfairly.


Crys: I’m not buying that….. Quasimodo wasn’t a jerk and didn’t steal women. Society was just as cruel to him.


Emily: You have a point there.


At this point we sung along to the music in a very mismatched duet. Emily can sing whilst I make up for talent with volume.


Emily: I need to find a Phantom for next Halloween because I really want to go as Christine.


Crys: I’ll go as Quasimodo….


We are rather random


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