This does not make me happy….at all

Boo Grrr Hiss

As a Christian I am horribly offended by this sort of Bigotry. I can’t believe people with brains in their heads still perpetuate this sort of ignorance. Me thinks there is a pastor in North Carolina that doesn’t have the sense God gave a Billy Goat.


To burn the Holy Bible and books written by people who spent their lives trying to spread the Mission of Christ and God’s love just because it isn’t the style you like is shallow and to feed this sort of hate monger is the work of the devil.


I realize there are those people in certain areas who still believe King James Only is the way to Heaven and while I am not opposed to the King James Bible I do have a history lesson for Pastor Marc Gizzard and others who blindly follow this narrow minded opinion.


Knowledge cures Ignorance…I can’t do anything about stupid though.


This version was commission in 1604 by King James mostly as a political move as his personal life in no way reflected he actually read or believed anything in scripture. Whilst history indicated he was an intelligent individual he did have a rather ferocious sexual appetite with a preferences for gender variety. Most commonly those of his own gender. His goal in commissioning the Bible was unity for Scotland , England and Ireland and also to appease the Puritans. P.S. It was NOT the first English translation but the 3rd.


Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not opposed to the King James Version but I also do not agree that it is the only Bible that can show you the way to salvation. Nor is it the easiest translations to glean that information from. There are several translations that are very reliable and very readable. I know since we have them all….. There are different methods of translating works from one language to another (P.S. guess what they did to the Bible) such as a word for word translation where they attempt to translate each word exactly. Word for word translations can be hard to read as lots can get lost in translation. Other versions translation idioms, thoughts or sentence structure to try and preserve the true meaning and make the best out of situations that are cultural references.


My point is (I promise I have one) is that to call all other version “the work of Satan” is harmful and wrong. Especially when other versions are actually more actuate to the original text. Also, what is with burning the books of noted Christian authors and accusing their life’s work to be of Satan also?


As Christian’s we have been changed with spreading the Gospel of God’s love and Christ’s sacrifice with a world that doesn’t always want to hear it. What they do enjoy hearing about is religious lunatics so while this pastor might think he is doing good he is in reality making it harder for those of us who want people to know the True and Loving God who promises Salvation and Acceptance.

I know that as a teacher he will have to answer for the false gospel he is spreading so I will pray for him….and try to stop calling him names 

Now back to your regularly scheduled “Random Craft Blog”


One thought on “This does not make me happy….at all

  1. I read the article and my first thought was, “ExCUSE ME?!” I didn’t know all the dates of the Bible that you mentioned, but I had sense enough to know that God didn’t give the King James to the authors “as is” b/c they would not have been able to read English! The King James is a translation of those much older versions and just as fallible to human error. And, isn’t Billy Graham a Christian? Why would they burn his books? This is no good at all. Someone should get that pastor an exorcism just to be on the safe side.

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