Virtual Quilting update

Just a heads up (a little late)

 Two members are running behind but will get their blocks out soon. The mystery block in my package was from Emily. ALso Sara, you package is on its way. I found it in my couch after I thought I had mailed it. Big apologies to all!


5 thoughts on “Virtual Quilting update

  1. Hi girls!
    I was wondering if I could change my color choice for the next blocks. If everyone is okay with that, I would like oranges & aquas. Can’t wait to see what you all come up with.

  2. That’s fine by me Sara, and my apologies to everyone, I’ve been out of it lately, but am back in my “groove” now, and sewing like crazy.

    I have some blocks done, but not sent out, so please hold my blocks until you get my package, it will make me more accountabe, LOL.

  3. Sara, I will note the change for next month as this month’s is already in the mail.

    Amber, Im glad to see you are still alive! I hadnt seen you on SM in forever and I was beginning to wonder. Sorry I just saw this message now though, your block is on it’s way.

  4. Jolene, (and everyone else), if you’ve already chosen fabric, cut fabric, or sewn the block, please, please, please ignore my request to change colors. If you can next time, please do. It’s no big deal – I just happened to glance over at a bright orange next to a deep aqua and loved the combo so I thought I’d try that out. Thanks!

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