Sewing Playdate

In my opinion, My sewing play date yesterday was a huge success. I had a great time with my new friend Brooke and can’t wait to do it again.


Some of yesterday’s highlights include:


We have so much in common and we are both “talkers” so there were no awkward lulls in the conversation. We had plenty to chat about.


The trip to this really nice (and huge) fabric shop


We both LOVE fabric and Sewing Mamas


She was so thoughtful. She made me a goodie bag like I was at a retreat.


My baked goods went over well with her family. It always makes me happy when people get excited over my cookies.


Her son Tristan was adorable and hilarious!


I did actually get some sewing done which is always a plus!


So many funny things happened yesterday but I think the most hilarious I have to share.


Having only met via our online sewing board and deciding to meet based only on the fact that we both love to sew and only live 90 minutes away from each other Brooke decided to try and get to know a little about me by reading my blog. What she discovered is that apparently I talk way too much about Emily and do not mention the fact that I have a husband enough. Brooke came to the conclusion that Emily was my girlfriend (and not just my friend who happens to be a girl). That cracked me up! I even laughed about it to myself on the way home as I mentally recapped the day. However I should clarify that I am in fact married to the love of my life Michael (Not Emily) for the last 11 years!


It was a great day. Thanks so much Brooke


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