I was not as productive today as I had hoped to be….

I did hem some pants for my sister in law.

I finished 2 swap blocks (but I won’t show you till I have all 5 done)

I took Becca and Bryce to the library which we do every Wednesday. I was a little saddened to realize we only have two weeks left before school starts.

I was also horrified to discover that they had never seen the movie The Goonies so we checked it out. They really enjoyed it.

I did make plans to get together next week to sew with a friend from Sewing Mamas. I am incredibly excited. I can’t wait to meet her in real life. I love meeting people with the same passions and interests.

I meant to finish my BIL’s pj pants for Christmas. The dragon I embroidered on them looks amazing but took a life time to stitch out. (Seriously like 2 hours) Once I have them sewn up I will make him a quilt and check him off my list. I will be whipping out (LOL) the turning twenty again pattern in some manly colors.


Thats all I got folks


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