Ladies….Start your machines!

Here are our final players! I will get a flickr set up for everyone to show off their creations and I will also get email address sent out.

Amber: She would like girly blocks (Bright and girly. Think Pink and green)

Emily (Littlegirlgoddess): Black with one additional color

Christin (Static Monkey) Would like blues and greens (Hint: She loves the log cabin block)

Sara: cherry red, pale/light blue, and a bit of white (This makes me happy)

Jolene: Shades and tones of beige, navy, burgandy, deeper greens, mustard (Think Primitive)

Crys: Shades of Orange, Green and browns



Any questions?


5 thoughts on “Ladies….Start your machines!

  1. Wahooo!! Here we go! Actually, I started one of my blocks on Friday. However, my wonderful son knocked my rotary cutter off the table onto the tile floor and now it wont cut right. Grrrr. Hopefully I will get a new blade for the darn thing later this week!

  2. Ok, we did decide on 10.5″ as the finished block size, right? And we are sending one block to each lady each month? Just making sure!

  3. Thanks Aida, I sent more paypal. I had just sent some 2 weeks ago so I thought I was covered

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