Need input

Let us finalize this so we can start it up in August.

I had an idea…

We make one block each month for each person. That way we don’t have too many many blocks to make but nobody has to wait for their month to roll around.

Since I know we all have scrap piles that need reducing each player will let us know what color scheme she is working with and size. This also will keep it interesting for those making the blocks since it is way more fun to make different blocks then multiples of the same one (in my opinion)

I would like this swap to be more personal and for us to get to know each other more over the course of the swap (are we think 6 months? a year? see how it goes?)

I will start a flick group for us all to post pics on and other stuff.

Anymore ideas? Please commit to the swap in the comments and let us know what colors, size and style you are hoping to get.

Email me your home address and I will make sure everyone knows where the blocks go each month privately.


I am super excited!


19 thoughts on “Need input

  1. For the record I would like 9.5 x9.5 inch blocks. For colors I would like something with orange, greens and browns in various shades. I will leave the style up to the block designers

  2. Glad you commented, it cleared it up for me, I was a bit confused, LOL (easy for me, LOL)

    I would like 10.5 inch blocks!

    Anything BRIGHT and GIRLY! Pink is a plus, as is green. I’m not that big of a fan of purple!

    Block design does not matter to me!

  3. Okay. Fine. You win Crystal. I’ll join.

    I’d love 10.5 inch blocks.

    If I could get them in black plus one other color per block that’d be awesome!

  4. Hm, this is so much harder. We are supposed to make a block for each person each month that is their personal colors and size?

  5. I honestly think we need to with one size and one set of colors. I simply can’t keep up with different sizes and colors. Also I don’t have tons of scraps or packs so I would have to buy fabric for each individual.

  6. Also if it is ok with everyone we can do the 10.5×10.5 blocks for everyone to make it easier.

  7. Are we to choose colors for our block requests that will be for the life of the exchange or will we change our request colors each month? I think that making the blocks a standard 10.5×10.5 sounds like a great idea. Also, I would like to ask “littlegirlgoddess” if she minds black fabric with a small print on it or if she wants only solid black?

  8. Littlegirlgoddess will take whatever you send her and be grateful (just kidding, she is one of my closest friends). But I am sure she is flexible…or I will have to bend her till she breaks…J/K

    If you want to switch it up each month you certainly can. Also feel free to make the same block for everyone but in different colors. What ever floats your boat. I am super easy to get along with…. see above remarks for proof…

  9. You made me laugh out loud! I think part of the charm of the virtual quilting bee is adding other people’s fabric personalities to your quilting.

  10. I think I would like quilt blocks in cherry red, pale/light blue, and a bit of white. If that’s too specific just use your best interpretation of these colors… I’m not going for patriotic, just cheery.

  11. I like the idea of a standard block size. One less thing for me to goof up! For my colors…think primative, as in the decorating style. Shades and tones of beige, navy, burgandy, deeper greens, mustard… Is that clear as mud? As for block design, no particulars. I think this is the part where each quilter gets to add her touch to someone else’s quilt!

  12. I agree with funda62. I don’t think I can keep up with each person’s personal color combination and do 6 different colored blocks per month. I think this would be fine if each month we did a block for one person in their color preferences though. I’m sorry I’m late getting in my response in here.

  13. Crys is right. I don’t need a solid black. In my head I’d get like one black and yellow block and one black and pink block and one black and *insert color here* block, in whatever shades and tones work for the makers.

    I like the standard size idea. It’ll make things one step less confusing for my jumbled head. I actually like the idea of doing 6 different color combos a month. I think it’ll keep things interesting. 🙂

  14. I’m very excited about doing several different color combos as I think just one would be boring!! Although, quick question, I counted that I’m to make 5 – is my math wrong?

  15. Yes Sara, so far we have 5 but I am going to leave the sign up open a few more days….say til Wednesday. Then I will finalize the player list 🙂

  16. Ok, sounds great! I’m so excited that I’ve already made my blocks (such a nerdy nerd, I know, but I couldn’t help it…)

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