Virtual Quilting Bee

Thanks gals for playing! So far look like around 6 people are going to play but I will leave the sign ups open for another few days.


I now need to you voice you opion on what size block and what color you want to work with.


Did we what to change colors each month, stick with one color or select a color palette?


Please be patient with me as I haven’t organized anything like this before.

Anyone have an idea for a name for our little group?


7 thoughts on “Virtual Quilting Bee

  1. I’m open to anything, but I would LOVE to make a bright, girly quilt! I have 2 boys, so most of my stuff is muted boyish and I would love to make something for me or my sister!

  2. I like the idea of changing colors each month. I think it would bring a nice variety to the finished quilt. I also think it would be fun to have a new color to look forward to sewing each month. 12 months of one color might get a bit boring. Thats just my 2 cents. As far as a name goes…Ill have to think on that one a bit!

  3. Personally I vote for a color scheme. I agree that it would get boring using the same color each month but I still want a cohesive finished look. Plus it is more fun to incorperate several colors. Maybe pick 5 or so?

    Just my opinion. Open to other suggestions

  4. I’m thinking that it would be great to pick two or three colors per month and have the blocks focus on a combination of those colors. The other bees that I’ve checked out seem to focus on one person receiving the blocks for one month (I think this is how it works) and maybe that person could choose their color combination and then we could work from there. As for a name – how about Sew Many Stitches?

  5. Took me awhile to get here but I’m here to play! I’d kind of like the color scheme to stay the same throughout so I could have one big quilt when finished rather than mini quilts. But this could be that we focus on pastels or brights so that it hangs together in the end. KWIM?

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