Who Wants to play with me?

I am going to start a virtual quilting bee. 1. Because I am addicted to swapping and 2. I love making quilt blocks 3. It will be a great way to get to know some like minded people.


I have come up with 2 ways we can play this. Vote for the option you would prefer in the comments and majority rules.



Option 1


Ideally we would have 12 players and each player gets a month. For your month you let everyone know what color scheme/ theme you would like your blocks to involve and we each make and mail you 2 (this # is open for discussion) blocks. You pick the size. If you had certain fabrics you wanted to incorporate you can mail a scrap/fat quarter/whatever too each member and challenge us to incorporate it into our blocks. This step is an option but it would be interesting and help your finished project feel cohesive.



Option 2


You would make one block per player each month. So if we have 6 players you would make 6 blocks per month. If we have a lot of interest it might be hard to customize a block for each person each month but we could pick very broad themes.  OR if we could collectively decide upon a central them/color scheme that would make it easier. I am open to suggestions.



What do you think?


Who wants to play?


5 thoughts on “Who Wants to play with me?

  1. I like option #2. I like doing colour-themes and I like the idea of trying new blocks..other than squares and rectangles! Thanks for setting this up.

  2. I want to play! Thanks for organizing this. I think I prefer option 2 with a color theme. Would we did it as a sampler type quilt with various types of blocks or choose an actual layout say a 9 patch or log cabin or any other such layout found on an online tutorial or something? Lots to figure out no doubt. I think this would be fun.

  3. I like both options for different reasons. I like the first because its a fewer number of blocks to make per month. I like the second because each player would have something to look forward to receiving each month instead of waiting for their special month to arrive. Id be game for option 2 so long as it isnt a crazy number of blocks to make each month.

  4. I prefer option 1 because it involves fewer blocks to make as I am a mom of a ten month old and quilting time is a luxury I don’t always have lots of. I have been scouring the internet looking for a “virtual quilting bee” and I’m so glad I stumbled upon your post. Please let me know what you end up doing. Thanks!

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