Vacation recap

We arrived home safely from Tennessee. It was a nice trip but far too short although in all honesty who ever thinks that vacation is too long and they can’t wait to go back to work…only crazy people. Lots to catch you up on because I know you are all dying to know my virtual friends and voyeurs……


We left around 5pm on Thursday after an extensive argument over my husband’s desires to take all 7 birds. Which I lost by the way.  We had hoped to make it to Paducah , KY and then stop for the night but after 5 hours of driving we fell very short of that goal. It feels like this trip gets longer each time me make it. So Friday was spent mostly driving as opposed to already being there and starting the party. We arrived home around 6:30pm but I must confess that was after a stop at the Hen House to eat breakfast and the Waffle House to eat lunch and Hancock’s of Paducah to stretch our legs and The Great Escape in Madison to buy new music….I guess you can see our problem.


Saturday I got up early to go shopping with my mother in law except in true mother in law fashion we didn’t leave any where near as early as she had said we would. She does a great deal of futzing around the house and hair fixing. Then it was off to Rivergate Mall. We did some shopping and such. Nothing major just a few odds and ends while spending time together. While there I received a text message from my cousin whom I haven’t seen since I was 11 asking if I would be interested in meeting up the next day. We finalized plans while my mother in law and I enjoyed an orange Julius. Seriously we crammed so much into Saturday I don’t even recall it all. Mostly it was visiting with family though. That and multiple trips to the grocery store….. Also Sami the parrot did


Sunday after church it was time for lunch and a nap. Then while Michael met up with more friends and family I went to meet my cousin for dinner in Springfield . There was a great deal of emotions evolved so I will devote a separate blog post to cover the details.


Monday morning it was up with the sun to get to the Rivergate area to stock up on beauty supplies before my mother in law had to get to work. After she left I snuck into Joann’s (Shhh, don’t tell) and then drove back to Springfield to have lunch with my best friend from high school Diana. Diana was my maid of honor when Michael and I married. We met at Burdett’s Tea House which has always been one of my favorite lunch spots. I remember when they opened, oh my, their Derby Pie is unbelievable. We had a lovely afternoon catching up with one another. I also got to meet Diana’s gorgeous little girl Evelyn who is 16 months old. Evelyn doesn’t talk yet but she does sing. All through lunch she was singing the ABC’s and E I E I O from Old Macdonald. It was so precious.


After I returned back to my In law’s house we rested for about and hour and then loaded up the cars…yep I said Cars! I inherited my father in law’s Toyoda Corolla.  It was great for me but a little sad as my sweet father in law is now completely wheel chair bound and will not drive again.


We drove Monday until around midnight and then finished the drive home Tuesday. It does feel nice to be home although not necessarily nice to be back at work!


One thought on “Vacation recap

  1. It sounds like you had a busy yet lovely trip with your family. Derby Pie? What is this dessert? It sounds interesting. Another Southern delight I’m sure!

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