I’m Home in Tennessee!

I can tell because my hair is a big gigantic afro frizz puff due to the humidity! (Now you know why southerners rock the big hair…that and to look taller, not that I would need to)

It is just a short trip but well worth it. We always miss our family so much. Lots of catching up with friends and shopping to do also. I miss my girlie friends in Wisconsin but I will see them soon. They will probably be waiting in my sewing room for me when I get home anyways.

Things already accomplished:

Multiple trips to the grocery store: Check

Eat at Captain D’s and the Waffle House: Check

Covertly crank up the air conditioner when the in laws are sleeping: Check

Hit up Rivergate Mall with my Mama in Law: Check

Hancocks of Paducah: Check

Still to Come:

Visit with old friends and a family member I haven’t seen since I was a kid: Check

Eat at Chick Fil A: Check

Hit up the Beauty Supply Store: Check

More trips to the grocery: ugh…Check

Go to the Apple Store in Green Hills: Seriously ran out of time….guess I will drive to Madison

Sneak into a couple of fabric shops (I am still being good: Fabric I buy when no one is looking doesn’t count):Check

Church: Check


One thought on “I’m Home in Tennessee!

  1. Have a slice of lemon pie for me at Chick Fil A!!! And those waffle fries…makes my mouth water!!

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