It’s the weekend!!!! Woo Hoo

And let me tell you…this weekend sure as heck took its sweet time getting here…ugh


Lots of fun stuff going on at McKissick Manor.

Today the Thompson’s are coming to spend the day with us. We are going to saw down some over grown trees, work in the yard a bit, sew a lot and cook out! Since we consider the Thompson’s more like family (hence we invite them over to help us with yard work and chores) it will be a relaxing day as opposed to a “we have company” hospitality induced stressful day….although I enjoy those times also.

Tomorrow after church Michele and I will drive Becca to Black River Falls for church camp. It will be really fun and it is a gorgeous drive. I suspect it will be a bit bitter sweet as it will be the first time in are just dropping her off for two weeks and not staying at camp ourselves.

I will probably spend Sunday evening sewing with Emily who will mostly likely require some industrial strength unwinding time….Hershnerr’s will wrap up the annual summer sale. People from all over the mid-west desend upon Hershnerr’s like a pack of vultures on a road side carcass. It turns a quaint little craft store into a big top circus tent. We stopped by one day but the little old ladies are out of my league and and stark raving mad  a bit over zealous with their shopping cart (Hey ladies, they aren’t weapons of mass destruction to ram into your cheap yarn competitor)

Monday Michael and I will run our errands and head to the Nursery to get some more fun stuff for our garden. I will also have to wage an attack against the clutter that is threatening to evict from our own bedroom…..I will emerge victorious over the evil beast known as laundry!


P.S. Brenda, I totally owe you a phone call….forgive me for being a crappy friend! I am not getting your emails at work and mine aren’t getting to you…suck… I promise to call soon. You know how it is when you spend your day on the phone….sorry


1 thought on “It’s the weekend!!!! Woo Hoo

  1. Hey Crystal,
    I canceled my account since I just wanted one email address! I can give my new email to you later.

    I would love to chat, there is a new exhibit at the art museum that sounds good…also if you are looking for something fun to do, almost every Wednesday night there is a free concert in downtown Wausau.

    I really need my haircut and colored. I’d love to show you my balcony garden. I think you’d be proud!

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