Catching up….

Lately I have been paying more attention to the blessings in my life. Mostly because when I get to over whelmed and busy I notice I fail to recognize how lucky I really am and just how good God is to me even though I rarely deserve it. I am trying to not focus too much on negativity and stress. And to be completely honest, whilst I have a very full and busy life, I honestly don’t have all that much that could be considered negative in my life. I guess it is just a state of mind…. 

Here are some blessings I am grateful for lately…. 

Our friend Dawn. She is a wonderfully generous and caring friend. She is also the Bucky’s mama. Bucky is the dog we dog sit for and have assumed joint custody of. Dawn always likes to take us to the most wonderful restaurants to thank us when we keep Bucky. Please note that we have told her many times it is not necessary as we actually miss him when he is gone. Sometimes I go over when she is at work to play with him. So rewarding us for this service is a complete blessing as we don’t feel we should be rewarded. We just love having him around. We also love spending time with Dawn so going out to dinner is always a blast. We really appreciate it. Last week we went to the Silver Coach which is a quaint little restaurant in a converted train car. Words can not express how delicious this meal was. From appetizers to dessert we were in culinary heaven.

For the record watching Barb’s dog is not as pleasant and for our troubles she should totally take us to the Melting Pot….


I am also grateful for Vacation! I was lamenting b/c I used up so much vacation time for our revival I felt like I wasn’t getting a vacation this year. Well, I managed some shift switches and such and I am managing to get several mini vacations! Woo hoo. We are going home to Tennessee for 5 days over the Fourth of July weekend (with a brief pit stop in Paducah , KY for the fabric mall). Also we have a week of camping with the Thompson’s at the end of July which we are super stoked for. Plenty of board games, bike rides, photography walks, camp fires, knitting and naps heading our way. They voted that I was not allowed to bring my sewing machine with me camping so I was really worried I would be bored but I managed to think of a few things to fill my time.

Also we are heading home for a week at Thanksgiving and there is a strong possibility for a sewing retreat in the fall with the Lusty Ladies. I guess since we had hope to head to France and London this year and that didn’t work out and we aren’t going to church camp my mind felt like I wasn’t going to get any fun time. I thought wrong….obviously! 

Our Garden! Is coming along splendidly by the way. We got a late start due to the revival but we have been working super hard to get caught up. We have several types of tomatoes, peas, beans, celery, cucumbers, onions, potatoes, corn, brussel sprouts, cabbage, egg plant, lots of pumpkins and squashed. I also planted lots of herbs. I concentrated my herbs in a container garden this year on my patio which I am hoping I will be able to bring inside when the weather turns cold. I also planted certain herbs in the garden as needed as I do companion planting. I feel fairly certain I am forgetting a couple crops…oh yeah….lots of types of peppers both sweet and hot. 

So I gave Barb this super awesome hair. I had a blast rocking out this bad a$$ A symmetrical cut and multi dimensional color. I did such a great job it inspired Barbara to pierce her nose. LOL Just kidding…well sort of. Her hair does look amazing and she did pierce her nose…and I got new fabric for my troubles. Yippee 

We had book club Tuesday night. Katie hosted and our book was Almost Moon by Alice Sebold which I highly do NOT recommend. I didn’t really enjoy it. Probably because the first thing the main character does is kill her own elderly mother. It went down hill from there I assure you. Having actually had to see my own mother dead in a coffin I was hard pressed to find the literary merit in such a novel. But that’s just me. I am sure you will all be surprised to know that Barbara once again failed to finish reading the book. She also forgot to bring the jar we draw the books out of which has been in her possession since Christmas. She is a nut! But we still love her. Our next book is Pope Joan by Donna Woolfolk Cross. 

Apparently I have fallen behind in my blogging and had lots of catching up to do! More fun to come


2 thoughts on “Catching up….

  1. Hi Crystal! It’s nice to see your update. I too have planted some container herbs (lemon mint, tyme, rosemary), basil, and a tomoato plant. The tomoato plant has several blossoms which makes me happy! I msut be doing something right. Do you prune your tomoato plant when they start to grow fruit? I have a “patio tomato” since it works well in containers.

    I hope to hear from you soon!

  2. Um, I’d really love to see a picture of this kick ass hair cut you gave your friend. 🙂 And I’m happy to see an update. You’ve gotten almost as bad as me not updating the blog. LOL Speaking of which, I should take some pictures of our garden and post …

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