I blackmailed them with idle threats

to pose pretty and not to run and hide! These are my best friends Margaret and Michele. I told them if the ran and hide I would post ugly pictures of them on facebook. He he he. They ALWAYS run and hide.

p1010372.jpg picture by Cre8tiveCrys


Margaret is mom to Max, Oliver and Naomi and Michele is mom to Becca and Bryce. Just so you know who the children I always talk about belong to.

In the background you can see Margaret’s husband Jason who only smiles if he thinks he is not actually in the picture….I tried several times to no avail to get a smiling picture of him today. Lucky me found he was captured unaware…

We were celebrating Max’s birthday at the super park here in town after church.

I have a couple groups of friend whom I love very much however I feel closest to these gals. I feel like I can tell them anything we a have reassuring comfort surrounding our friendship that is refreshing. We also share the same faith in Jesus and go to the same church!

Just a little spotlight on my friends….


One thought on “I blackmailed them with idle threats

  1. Well, now you can’t say we don’t comment:)…and the speed with which you got that picture up there, makes me a little nervous! Love you!

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