Project interupted…

I had to put my star blocks on hold and whip up a new quilt for the twin bed we got for the other guest room….

I am not quite finished (actually I still have a lot to go) I need to add boarders…I was hoping it was big enough with out them but it’s not. I used my hoarded Heather Bailey Freshcuts and the Turning Twenty Again pattern for those of you curious about these things.

Also I found this nice oak headboard at a local thrift store for $10.00

p1010290.jpg picture by Cre8tiveCrys
Also I need to give Christin and Michael a shout out for painting the guest room a gorgeous robin’s egg blue. How amazing is Christin for coming over while I was at work and painting with my husband. I have the best friends!
p1010284.jpg picture by Cre8tiveCrys
She is also adorable and hilarious! P.S. the pictures do not do the paint color justice, it is beautiful in real life. The pictures make it look so washed out.
p1010288.jpg picture by Cre8tiveCrys
I also rescued these abandoned treasures from the local thrift store and am in the process of giving them new life and a whole lot of style…..stay tuned
I am off this weekend and hope to be very productive….

2 thoughts on “Project interupted…

  1. Absolutely LOVE the quilt. I am so into pinks and greens together, and also paisley. It’s fantastic. 🙂 You really can’t get a good idea of the paint color in the pictures – but I find that to be true in most cases, the walls always look different in real life. I’m sure it’s lovely. I wish someone would paint for me and surprise me. 🙂

  2. You’re just so darn sweet and giving, I can’t help but help! Glad to do it!

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