Fiercely Guarding my Bridge

I hate being grumpy….but I am horribly irritable today. I feel like a troll.

I will air my grievances and move on…I am so behind showing you all the tings I’ve made recently…

It is snowing again this morning and it is coming down pretty hard. I am starting to feel Spring will never arrive. The hopefuly feeling I had while anxiously awaiting natures rebirth is gone. Now I am just cranky. And my back hurts, I have 50 million things to do before the revival, and today’s potluck at Church was Jewish themed and I was so excited….but I have been cooking so much the last week in order to prepare for the revival that I can no longer stand to be in my freakin’ kitchen. I thawed taco meat loaf….Oh so kosher….

And I have a small blog vent…you people never post comments…(well, not all of you) I know you are reading….my stats say I am moderately popular…


Never mind…I am going to church and then work…sucks to be me today.


3 thoughts on “Fiercely Guarding my Bridge

  1. Sorry you’re having such a grumpy day! Spring has become my least favorite time of year. I struggle with the constant change in weather back to cooler temps. You get spoiled by a couple nice days here and there, then it drops again, and seems colder than before, and winter seems to never end. I understand. But Spring WILL come!! 🙂

  2. Hiya….Yep…I’m a lurker! I do wish you’d join the Prolific Quilters Blog Ring, so you’re blog would come up for me in the list! Just a thought. I absolutely love your black/white/yellow quilt. I want to do one in those same colors! Hope today is a better day for you!

  3. I read, I just don’t think I have ever commented. I came over from sewing mamas. I enjoyed reading about your church group getting together to sew and how you had a man amouong you. I thought it was funny when you said he just came for the food. When I found out he was your husband I laughed so hard I almost peed my pants.

    I told my husband Michael that he needs to start knitting. “If her husband enjoys it, maybe you will to” I said to him. He’s considering it.

    There, I posted, just for you, and hope you are feeling a little less grumpy I feel super grumpy today for some reason, perhaps I caught something from your blog last week and it took several days for me to come down with it, a case of the common grumpies. :o)

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