Had a freakin’ blast

and seriously regret that I don’t have pictures….

Tonight was a meeting of our book club. We met over at Tweet’s to discuss the Poisonwood Bible which I loved. (Babs did not) Tweet made a great dinner of turkey sausage and pepper hoogies and stuffed mushrooms. I brought along a flour less chocolate cake with raspberry sauce and real whipped cream. We over indulged food wise. I highly regret NOT getting a picture of Babs licking her plate….oh the memories

During our conversation, sometime after we finished discussing the differences in European toilets, Christin mentioned that her brother in law is a rapper and had a gig in town tonight. She proceed to elaborate on that fun fact by mentioning that he is a white boy rapper with an afro who brought his dad to his gig. She didn’t really want to go but we saw potential in that little tidbit of ridiculousness. So off to local dive bar we go to see “Def Crew” who we feel pretty certain will provide more laughs then a barrel of monkeys.

Now hip hop is a genre of music I think most of the other ladies can live with out. I on the other hand must confess that I LOVE booty shakin’ hip hop, rap, R&B and funk. However I cannot stomach most modern versions of the music as the lyrics I find offensive and raunchy and certainly not in line with my convictions. So I listen to Christian rap….which most of my friends find hilarious… I also listen to other artists whose message is more positive and socially conscience.

We get to said local dive bar and first off notice that the audience is old  does not appear to be of the variety that like rap/hip hop. We were wrong, just goes to show you can’t judge an audience by its geriatric age a book by its cover. We at least thought that we would have a good laugh at the band that by Christin’s own description was hilarious. However what we encountered was a group of white boys from rural Wisconsin passionate about what they do and possessing of talent. They also invited their parents to their show, which I found adorable. And whilst I would not be able to rap about my nut$ack with my dad in the room they were quite comfortable with their lyrical prowess. I did enjoy it (perhaps not ALL of the lyrics) but I thought their enthusiasm was contagious. That and they would totally get beat up in Detroit.


Good Times


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