What’s going on….

I know, I‘ve kind of been a boring blogger lately…mostly I have just been entertaining you with things I have made or received in the mail. I am no longer allowed to blog from work and as that was primarily where I blogged from it has been a challenge to set time apart to chronicle my adventures.


I have been sewing fun things. I am currently challenging myself to complete all my half finished/unfinished/forgotten projects. I am calling it UFO Smack down. I am looking forward to that amazing sense of accomplishment I will experience once I reach my goal. Also the joy and fun of making more UFOs….ones I am not yet sick of looking at or feeling guilty over.


Sewing night is still going strong. Several Reengage sewers are working on a group projects. First they made an apron and now they are working on a clutch. I decided to work on my own projects but am available to help and answer questions when needed. Plus if you were to look into my closet you would know that I need another purse like I need a hole in my head. Before I spent all my extra money on fabric and yarn I was racking up quite the purse and shoe collection. Yes, I am properly ashamed of myself.


The Lu$ty Ladies will be meeting on Saturday at Tweet’s for book club. We had a bit of a hiatus since sometimes it is difficult to coordinate all of our lives for a get together. We will finally be discussing the Poisonwood Bible which I loved. I am eager to find out what the next book will be. Hopefully we will get this back in regular rotation. It is such a stimulating and enjoyable activity.


The horrible, wretched snow is finally starting to melt and I am anxiously waiting the planting season. My fingers are aching to work in the dirt. Gardening and creating in general brings me closer to God. Can you only imagine what the Master of Creations must have felt as He created us and our world? Pretty intense to say the least. I love the solitude and the ability to commune with the earth. Watching plants sprout from the dirt I till and the seeds I planted is so rewarding. Harvesting, cooking and preserving your own harvest is something I would encourage everyone to experience. It makes you feel so empowered and independent. And then you know where your food comes from and how it was treated. A deeper connection is formed with the earth as we learn to respect it for the role it plays in our survival and sustenance. I must get my starts ordered and my seeds sorted. Sowing time is right around the corner.


Last night we had our Fireproof your Marriage study that we host at our home. We also had a small party for Mr. Michael. He was spoiled silly. He wanted to have “taco bar” which is where you just put out all the fixings for everyone to make their own tacos. We had beef and shrimp tacos. If Michael had his way we would have taco bar at least once a week. He simply loves it. The Thompson’s got him started making “double decked” tacos with both a hard and soft shell. Michele also made a Ho Ho cake like only she can. It is a yummy cake but I refuse to use a box cake mix and Michele will so she was in charge of the cake. How crazy is it that I love to bake so very much and my husband’s favorite baked goods come from a box? Funfetti cake anyone? He also doesn’t always approve of me sneaking in whole wheat and herbal sugar substitutes in.


As most people know Michael has been asking for (actually he has been begging anyone who would listen) for a Nintendo DS after Becca and Bryce got one for Christmas and he discovered he likes playing it. For those of you who may not know I am Anti-Video game (hard core). I think they are bad for kids and families. It is my opinion that they often encourage violence and ADD tendencies and discourage reading and playing outside. I realize that I am in the minority on this topic as video games are only getting more popular. We also spent several years with out a TV until the Olympic games came on and I drug it out of the closet. I am considering getting rid of it again. Michael has never expressed interested in having a video game player until now. When he first mentioned it I blew it off thinking he would forget about it after a week. For those who know Michael this was an epic fail on my part. He talks about wanting one everyday. Anyone who comes over he will mention it to. One night Emily was visiting and Michael was stating his case for why a Nintendo DS will make his life better. I kid you not that man said this little hand held device would make him a better father (he will be able to relate to children) a better preacher (it will help him memorize scriptures) and prevent him from getting Alzheimer’s. Emily will back me up we let him know he was stretching a bit and he was delusional but it did show me how much he really wants one. So alas, I alas a decision to make and after thinking about it I realized that Michael is not one (usually) to ask for frivolous things (ridiculous certainly, anyone have a spare chicken coop? Want to borrow our film strip projector?) Michael usually asks for books, Christian tracts to pass out and socks for his birthday. And this is the husband who graciously allowed me to blow the stimulus check on Bernie, bought me another machine 6 months later for Christmas (Sergio) and got me the green sewing chair and an ipod for my birthday. I am always asking for frivolous things. Also, he doesn’t complain too much about our little stock pile of fabric and such. So while I don’t like video games and I know he will barely play with it after the novelty wears off I know he deserves it for being an amazing, adorable and understanding husband. Plus look how excited he was


p1010178.jpg picture by Cre8tiveCrys


Michele wrote “DS” on the cake and Becca made a fake “DS” that she put in her case to fake him out. We made him wait until last to open the real “DS” it was pretty funny.


This week’ goals and things to day:


Monday: I work a split shift and I plan to go to knitting with Michael. I also have to swing by the post office

Tuesday: I work 7-5 and then have sewing night. Babs is pretty freakin’ excited to start a tote bag so I am willing to bet I will be helping her with that.

Wednesday: I am off. I am planning to get my housework done so I don’t have to worry about it this weekend. I also plan to go to the Gym and bible study.

Thursday and Friday: I work split shifts both days (we are so short staffed at the moment). During my break I will be working on my UFOs. I have 5 hours off during the day. I also NEED to finish my living room drapes and hang them up.

Saturday: I was going to work in the yard but it looks like it is going to snow again….I will tackle the laundry, cook for potluck at church on Sunday (Our theme is Jewish food) sew and have book club in the evening.

Sunday: Church, Sewing and relaxing!

Monday: I will be doing Tweet’s hair and hopefully finish my little dress UFOs.


What’s going on with you guys?



2 thoughts on “What’s going on….

  1. I just want to say about the whole video game thing….I was absolutely against them as well. Did not want one in my house. Did not want my kids playing with one. BUT since my husband begged for a good year to have one, we did get a Wii. And we love it. The first couple months we played almost every day, which I wasn’t happy with. But now that the “new” has worn off, we only play once a week or maybe even every other week. And the “good” thing about the Wii is that we are up moving and jumping – we play tennis and bowling and go fishing and pop balloons or toss bean bags. Even I think it’s fun. 🙂

  2. Carl and I grew up with videogames and we are not overly violent nor have any sort of mental deficiency. It is just like Yogimomster said; once the “new” wears off they are used much more infrequently. The way I see it, at least Michael wasn’t asking for games like Blood Slayer or World at War or Hannah Montana. The HORROR.

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