Please pray for my Mother in law

We found out today she had either a stroke or heart attack. We are very worried. We would have left immediately on the never ending road trip to Tennessee except that she was horrified at the thought of us driving all that distance at night. She wants us to wait for more info. It’s very hard. We love her very much. It is time like these that makes it so hard to live such a long distance away from your loved ones (and have a husband who flat refuses to fly). So I Will keep you updated and if you would pray for my MIL Joan I would appreciate it. I know that God is all powerful and loving so I have faith that His will is best.


One thought on “Please pray for my Mother in law

  1. I know how hard it is to be in that position. My Dad was in the Air Force and we never lived anywhere near my grandparents. When things happened to them, my parents always had that LONG drive to make or sometimes Mom would fly out leaving Dad and me as his co-pilot driving out. I know that God is watching over both your MIL as well as you and your family. My prayers will be with you Crystal.

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