I only went to help…

Christin pick out fabric at Joann’s today…really…. I was going to be good….I did remember my fabric fast…But then I needed a little reward for all my hard work.

So I came home with this….


These beauties with turn into a quilt to reward a cherished friend for graduating against all odds.

I wanted to show Christin The Quilting Workshop which is this lovely little fabric shop in Wausau chocked full of fabric treasures. It is awesome. And since I am in to supporting local businesses I had to get these…..



And I gave Emily some bad a$$ hair a couple weeks ago and she paid me with these goodies…





Yea! More things to create with. I am also stocking my mail person since I am anxiously awaiting a couple coop orders. But now I am back to being good. Actually I wasn’t that naughty since Joann’s had mad sales….seriously….ask Christin


3 thoughts on “I only went to help…

  1. In all actuality I think you did GREAT! I mean, really, I would have come home with 2 or 3 times that much! I can’t control myself as well as you do! Love the fabrics. Can’t wait to see what You make up with all of it!

  2. very nice! i am loving the AH birdseeds and it goes really well with what looks like lemons? fabric you have next to it.

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