Sensational Sunday

We had a wonderful Sunday here in frigid Wisconsin. After church we (Michael, Myself and the Thompson’s) went to Wausau to Texas Road House for lunch. It was soooo good. Except I am annoyed by the peanuts on the floor. It just looks so dirty in my opinion. After lunch we went to Joann’s fabrics (I was well behaved) we had to get a pattern and some fabric to make Becca’s costume. She is playing Wendy in her school’s production of Peter Pan. We are all very excited.

After the fabric shop we headed over to the Leigh Yawkey Woodson Museum where we met up with Brenda (Yea!). We were there to see the Quilts in Art exhibit which was fascinating but small. They are mean at that museum and refused to let me take pictures every time I go so I do not have a lot to show you.







This morning before church guess who we found just hanging out on our back porch? Nebuchadnezzar the rabit!


Can you see him? The big green thing is our compost ball.

This is my work in process. I am very excited about it. It was supposed to be for a swap but I am now thinking I am going to keep it and make another.



2 thoughts on “Sensational Sunday

  1. The kids love “the peanut place.” They think it’s fantastic that the get to throw stuff on the floor. LOL I’m with you though, I think it’s gross. Well, the food is good, the peanuts on the floor are gross. But whatever.

    Sounds like a fun weekend!! 🙂

  2. Sounds like a GREAT weekend. We have a place like that here–peanuts on the floor. Do you know they are required to sweep and mop the floor everynight? The peanuts on the floor is what has been left there since they mopped the night before. Anyway, the food is super, the atmosphere is even better, and for a change, you don’t have to feel guilty if little Susie or Johnny drops the peanut shells on the floor. So forget about the peanut shells and enjoy the atmosphere and food and good company! LOL

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