Sewing Room Rules….

So I don’t kill my friends and we have a happy jolly time. (I’m kidding, I am a pacifist, I can’t kill anything)

Every Tuesday I have anyone/everyone I know who sews/knits/crafts or expresses an interest in these things over to hang out and create. It started small with just the lu$ty ladies (the $ is to keep the google perverts away) but then it grew. Last week we had like 10 people. It made me see the need to have some sewing room rules. Its all because I love you and want you to come and sew but I do not want to resent your presence in my special space.


Rule 1.) Do not steal my chair! Michael got me a green rolling chair from Target for my birthday. So do not steal my chair when I get out of it to help you thread a machine, find a pattern or hand you the scissors. Please do not remove the chair from its position of prominence in front of Bernie. Actually you should all probably get your own. They are currently on clearance at Target for $15.00. Then we can embroider your name on it and you won’t be getting butt cooties on mine. That is what the metal folding chairs are for.

Rule 2.) Do not put your UFOs in my pile. I don’t finish all that I start so there is no way I am going to finish your stuff. Please do not make my pile look bigger. It only makes me feel guiltier and I don’t need that kind of pressure.

Rule 3.) Tidy your stuff when you leave. Actually if your are going to leave stuff behind then perhaps bringing a bin to store it in would be a good idea. Take your dishes back upstairs. Please do not throw fabric scraps on floor. I know I sometimes do it but I will eventually clean it up. It’s different when someone else does it. I can’t explain it but it is.

Rule 4.) You people are going to have to start pitching in for consumables. We are running through things like thread, machine needles and rotary blades very quickly and they are not free. And chocolate!

5.) Do not encourage my husband. He does not need to know about all the homeless animals he could rescue or the yummy yarns I could buy him. And if you bring up religion to him do not look to me to help you find an “out” when he gets all excited and starts “helping you on your path” or “providing useful information” or “asking probing questions”. Seriously, you know better. He loves to talk about Jesus, animals, your feelings and perceptions and “seceding from the union grid” (he is a strange but lovable little man)

With that said, I love having you guys over. Feel free to invite friends! And bring Dark chocolate peanut M&Ms and york peppermint patties. Stay as late as you would like. You are welcome to crash in our guest room. Please do not change the radio. I only have you over so I can make you listen to christian rap!


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