Isn’t he adorable?

Sometimes my husband is so cute.



Check out his stash of yarn…he has more then me. And his hooks are nicer. They have ergonomically engineered bamboo handles. I wouldn’t know how nice the are to use though since he hides them from me. He recently signed up to take beginning knitting at the local yarn shop on. It was his idea and he did it on his own. Plus he has developed a liking for better quality yarn. Apparently Red Heart isn’t good enough for him any longer. Guess I better get to hiding this


My yummy Mosaic Moon Yarn!

P.S. He is crocheting an afghan for someone at Church who recently lost his wife.

P.S.S. We have to thank Emily for getting Michael into the full knitting class. But it is Emily’s fault Michael now knows there are better materials out there and I was holding back on him. That is plenty of education for him, Miss Emily. I don’t want his little hobby to get too expensive. We can’t both be addicts


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