Bessie’s Bake sale update

So I baked pretty much non stop for three days. I will post a recap of what I can remember baking (its all a blur at this point) and I do have pictures (albeit crappy ones) at home to post later.

Over the course of three days I brought in:

7 mini loaves of blueberry bread

8 mini loaves of banana nut bread

5 mini loaves of oatbran and fruit bread (I swear it is yummy and moist)

12 chocolate almond tarts

4 full sized loaves of egg bread and 2 loaves of rye

several dozen cranberry pistachio cookies dipped in white chocolate

several dozen wheat bran and molasses muffins and oat bran muffins (we have a lot of health nuts)

and walnut fudge brownies.

I also donated several jars of my strawberry jam. I knowing I am forgetting some things but you get the idea…I baked a ton this past week.

The bake sale was to raise funds for my friend Barbara’s family since they lost their entire barn and its contents to a fire.

The total raised was a little over $200.00 which I must confess really disappointed me. Especially considering what I spent on groceries to bake and how much work it was.

But if you combined that with what was raised through the 50/50 raffle the proceeds were over $500.00 so that should help get some feed for the animals.


3 thoughts on “Bessie’s Bake sale update

  1. And we all really appriciated the homebaked goodies. Maybe we’re just not a very giving bunch…

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