And I thought you knew me Netflix….

With all your personal recommendations and hand picked movies for me. It was touching. That was until you recommened:


Galápagos because I loved God Grew Tired of us.

Strike one: I have a horrible water phobia! The only way I want aquatic life is on my plate (with lemon and butter). I have terrible nightmares.

Strike two: A brief synopsis reveals: Explore the fascinating world that inspired Darwin’s theory of evolution with this visually stunning documentary from the BBC, narrated by Tilda Swinton. Created by volcanoes and located about 600 miles west of Ecuador, the isolated Galápagos Islands form an environment that supports a diversity of life not found anywhere else on earth. Learn about the history of the area, the amazing creatures that live there and Darwin’s experiences on the islands.

Oh no, Not for me. Try again Netflix prehaps we are just having a rough patch in our relationship.


4 thoughts on “And I thought you knew me Netflix….

  1. I could probably stomach it if it was just full of evolution propoganda however the under the sea aspect is out of the question. I have trouble watching The little mermaid and have never seen finding nemo….

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