25 Random facts about me

So I have been tagged multiple time with this on facebook. So I thought I would post it here instead….just to be difficult.

1.) I have a horrible water phobia. I don’t even enjoy showering, swimming or aquatic life. The only way I want to see a fish is on my plate with lemon and butter.

2.) My favorite color is Orange. I really love orange. It makes me happy.

3.) I like to pretend I am taller then I really am. It was easier to pull off when I wore heels all the time but lately I have been lazy and rocking the tennis shoes or snow boots. That makes it a lot more obviously I am lying about being 5’2. I didn’t get any taller after middle school.

4.) Where I come from we like our tractors green and our chicken fried. And I can fry one heck of a mean chicken.

5.) I was never taught the domestic arts such as cooking and cleaning. My mother was a bar maid and a drunk so those were not high on her list of priorities. However I can bake like it ain’t nobodies business…the cleaning…uhh not so much.

6.) I never took typing in high school (I was supposed to but got a free pass b/c of band) it was never a problem until now. I have a job where I type all the time but I can not type “properly” I am however a “super fast pecker” (that was for you Christin) I am thinking I should learn to type properly.

7.) Jello is my favorite food

8.) I am not the most fun person to go to the movies with. I tend to talk and comment a lot. I also can not watch anything scary, suspenseful, violent, gory, sad, too mushy/romantic, or that involves water, ice or space.

9.) I tend to text message from the bathroom at work so I don’t get bored.

10.) When I finally get around to giving birth I will be doing it at my own home with a midwife. I also plan to start baking cookies when my water breaks and inviting all my friends over for a party to celebrate the birth. Please do not attempt to convince me this is not a good idea.

11.) I still think farting is hilarious. I know this makes me immature.

12.) I am addicted to fabric and have a very strange relationship with it. If I love a particular fabric a whole lot then I am unable to use it until I have acquired at least 6 yards of it. I don’t know why it has to be 6 yards or why I am such a freak.

13.) I WILL NOT EVER eat stove top stuffing

14.) For the first time in my life I have a job that does not validate me or inflate my ego. I find it very humbling.

15.) I am a little concerned b/c I think I might know more about Harry Potter then I do the Bible. I should try to fix that. I love them both very much.

16.) I used to dress up as Professor Sprout for the midnight book releases of Harry Potter.

17.) Michael and I used to participate with the SCA when we lived in Michigan. We did medieval reenactment and loved it.

18.) My father has a mail order bride from the Philippines. His wife and I are the same age. I had always hoped he would spend his life lonely and miserable but I let go of that hate awhile ago.

19.) I am considering getting Michael a dog for his birthday but I am sort of worried I will come home from work one day and he will have rescued an entire menagerie from the pound.

20.) Most people are a little taken aback by the fact that I am a christian and I love the movie Dogma. I am annoyed by their shock.

 21.) I collect the fortunes from fortune cookies. I am saving them for an art project.

22.) I know that we are created in God’s image and all beautiful in His sight but….I only think I am pretty when I am all “dolled up”. I feel kind of guilty that make up makes me feel more confident.

23.) I am always cold. Probably due to anemia but I try not to complain since I had a lot of blood related issues as a child so I am grateful all I have to deal with now it a bit of anemia.

24.) My mother gave me to my father’s sister when I was 11. She was a drunk and could not longer stay sober enough to take care of me. She died a year later. I do not miss my mother but I do miss having a mother.

25.) I take customer service very seriously. I hate it when people in service postions are rude. I am almost always nice and cheerful to my client….even if I don’t always feel that way on the inside.


One thought on “25 Random facts about me

  1. Crystal–from all I’ve read here, you are a wonderful person! You are real and don’t let the world make you feel you have to be fake about anything! You go girl!
    In case you’re interested I have some samples of what my block for our group’s swap will look like. I’d really like your opinion of the final outcome since you will be receiving one of them. Go to my blog to see it.

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