Oh man…

I am so exhausted from my relaxing weekend. I need to go back to work to catch a break. Whilst I am there I will update you dear bloggy friends on my carrying-ons and I will announce a winner for my blog-give away that only a few people participated in. I suspect I might need more Internet friends. Bt what the hey…quality over quantity. I love you all to pieces. Ever you lurkers.


One thought on “Oh man…

  1. Your relaxing weekend didn’t sound very relaxing. Although I can’t wait to see pictures of your sewing room. I have my pics posted somewhere on my blog–last week or the week before I think. You didn’t say how the bakesale for the llamas–I mean cows and horses went. And what did you get finished in the sewing department?
    I can’t find where to email you, so if you will email me, I’ll be happy to send my address to you. And thank you in advance. ~Shelly~

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