My relaxing weekend itinerary

Will I wish it was just another weekend in paradise:

Relaxing on the beach by virtualphotographystudio

My reality is more along the lines of:

Wisconsin Winter 05 by pacific_pete


I know,I know  you are so envious right?

Anyhow so back to my plans for my relaxing weekend….well I meant to be relaxing


I am working until 5pm then I will be helping my coworker Julie B move some furniture into her new apartment.

After that I will be cutting and coloring Miss Emily’s hair. There will be no chickening out.


I will not be getting up at 5:45 am….

But in the morning I will finish hanging the art work in my living room and cleaning the kitchen in preperation for my weekend bake-a-thon. I am hold a bake sale next week at work to raise money for Babber’s Mama’s llamas…ok its really for her cow and horses since their barn burned down. I also hope to squeeze in some sewing since I would love to finish my curtains for my living room.

I also have to cook for Potluck on Sunday. Our theme is Italian.

Then in the evening it will be off to Ladie’s Night out at the home of one of our older women. I will take some knitting along hoping to make some progress on a hat that has been on my needles forever.


After Church we will have potluck. Usually after potluck it is nap time but this Sunday Margaret, Betsy, Michele and Becca will be coming over to sew until 6. I want to cut out the quilt for my guest room. I also need to make a lap quilt for my uncle who was just diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer.

 I have to work from 6-10 for my sister. (She needs off to go ice fishing…yuck)

I am also off on Monday which I hope to spend baking, sewing and chilling out. But I also have an epic laundry situation on my hands and need to sort some clothes for donation.

My goal is to show you finished pictures of my living room on Monday. I also need to reveal the new sewing space for those who have not seen it yet. I should probably take pictures before I spend the weekend messing it up….


I meant to spend the weekend relaxing and creating but life sort of got in the way.

What are your plans?



Only a couple more days to enter my blog giveaway.


2 thoughts on “My relaxing weekend itinerary

  1. Holy crap, you are going to be one busy lady this weekend. My plans consist of working 8 hrs on Sat, then cleaning the house as we are having some people over who like that football thingy. I think there is some big, important game this weekend; I don’t know. You will be happy to know that I finished my quilt squares tonight. They pretty much rock.

  2. That’s not a weekend off. You crazy lady. Also, I’ve pretty much decided I need to make myself a belly dance costume, or at least a hip scarf, just cuz. Have you in your internet wanderings come across anywhere where I can get those little silver discs? I can’t buy a hip scarf with more than 35in of jangly and I need 40-45 depending on where I wear the silly thing.

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