Funz! We haz its

Perhaps I have been spending too much time at….



But Emily and I have been having fun sewing. She kindly agreed to model this apron I made last night (but she might not have realized I was going to post the photos on my blog)

She stopped by to sew on her quilt after she got off work but ended up spending more time reading a “marital aide” (AKA a s#x manual/book) Fascinating read actually. SO while she read the book I logged into her face book so she could teach me pack rat. Apparently this is a facebook application all the cool kids are playing. I actually spent more time sending myself plants for my lil green patch from Emily. Come to think of it she had so many “greenbucks” I thought it only fitting that she gift me a garden gnome and some flamingos for my virtual garden. I am such a geek.



this is from the Wednesday we spent dying fabric. It was great and possibly the start of a new addiction hobby. Have you ever checked out Dharma Trading company? I could get in a lot of trouble on that site…if I were someone with poor self control….ok, I am but I am trying to be good….I promise.


I met Emily when I first moved to Wisconsin and started working at a department store in the cosmetic section. We chatted while at work and got along just fine. I think we have more similarities then either of us would like to admit. But when I first met her she hung out with two other gals we worked with. When I say hung out I really mean attached at the hip similar to Siamese twins. I would occasionally hang out with all of them and it would be fine but I recently discovered that I like Emily WAY more now that she is single (By single I mean no longer attached to the other musketeers). She is also an artist and hopefully graduating soon and it is my opinion (which she might not share)  that her focus is better and her art improving more now that she does not spent every Friday at Ambrosia’s (small tow bar not unlike Cheers) and every Saturday afternoon lounging on Candie’s couch.

Michael also loves the Emily and so the three of us could literally spend hours just shooting the breeze in my living room whilst eating mac and cheese and drinking kool-aide. One sewing night Michael was showing Babbers how to crochet a granny square. He told her “My friend Emily” taught me this (actually it was the day before he was teaching Barb). Later that night  I said ‘Your friend Emily” and he told me “yeah, she’s my girlfriend” Silly Michael, poor Emily would not put up with you very long.

So we are thankful for Emily.

But I still think of her every time I see

Chicken A Go-Go by Domain Barnyard



(He was joking, my husband is not having an affair with my friend for all those who might get concerned. We just joke around like that.)


2 thoughts on “Funz! We haz its

  1. Sounds like an awesome friend. I love it when I have friends that are as comfortable around hubby and I as they are around just me! And that’s when there is really some good times had by all!

  2. Listen to Shelly up there. I am an awesome friend. But why do you think of me when you see that cooky bird? Maybe I don’t want to know…

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