Please help save Handmade!!!!

Please vote against the ridiculous new law that will go into effect by Big Brother AKA the US Government that will make it nearly impossible to buy and sell home made children’s toys and clothing.

You can read about CPSIA at  Homemade Toy Alliance and Etsy.

Then PLEASE vote against it at Change.Org and send passionate, infuriated and outraged letters to your state senator, house representatives, the President’s mama and the Pope….Ok start with your senator and house reps….


Seriously, the idea was to protect us from dangerous and tainted products from China and the like but if this law goes into effect the only people who are going to be able to stay in business are the ones mass producing in China….WTF?????


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One thought on “Please help save Handmade!!!!

  1. Ugh, I have been outraged by this whole thing. A good friend of mine works in a small toy store (that carries lots of “natural” products) and the owner already told them she will have to close the store, unless something changes. It’s so sad. The whole point was to help us buy quality, safer products, and now we can’t. It makes me sick to think of the ramifications of this on so many people. I voted on and have written my letters……I just hope enough people do the same so that we can see a change!!

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