Tragedy at McKissick Manor…

We’ve had a death in the family…..

actually 2 and we are simply distraught….

Zebra Finch by marj k

We lost two of our beloved zebra finches….the twins Molly and Michelle. We almost lost Gimpy but she appears to have made a miraculous recovery. They were fine the day before but whatever bird pandemic they contracted appears to have hit hard and viciously. It was extremely sad to watch them suffer in the clutches of this cruel disease.

We held a simple memorial service above the kitchen garbage can before they were unceremoniously “buried”. We would have buried them outside but the ground is frozen solid under 3 feet of snow. Emily suggested we store the bodies in our freezer until spring but we couldn’t wrap our heads around little dead pets in the freezer.

We will spend the rest of the weekend in mourning…..

Michael has already asked if we can replace them with parakeets.


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