OMG! They made me into an American Girl Doll!


And I ain’t cheap! $95 for me…ok so it’s not really me….but it sooo could be. As Tweet pointed out she even looks like me. and check out how she is described.

“Chrissa finds the courage to stand up for herself-and others.”

How precious is that!?!

It gets better…

This is her craft studio!!!!!! OMG…she sews, knits and draws…She IS me!

and for the icing on the already amazing cake…

Meet Starburst her pet Llama!!! If you know me you know my hearts desire is to have a farm with Llamas, Donkeys, alpacas and the works.

And apparently she is fond of tea parties just like me. I even collect tea cups and tea pots. Michael and I have tea parties at least once a month.

How perfect!


Now I must share a girlhood desire.

When I was 7 years old I came across an American Doll catalogue. No, these are not a new invention. But back then there were only  3 American Girls Molly, Kirsten and Samantha. Now what cruel individual would mail an American Girl catalogue to a run down, impoverished trailer park is beside me. There was no way anyone in our neighborhood would ever be able to buy a baby doll that cost $95 even if our mamas didn’t drink away their child support payments. But I was in love with Samantha. I stole the books from the library and got lost in her world of manners, money, pretty dresses, family and adventures. I dreamed of having a birthday party just like her, down to her filly dress and pinafore. (I have always loved Pinafores)

But that was a dream that was never fulfilled even though for 2 years I slept with that catalogue under my pillow. Little girls in trailor parks are not destined to have an American Girl doll and so I gave up on that desire. Eventually I stopped crying every Christmas and birthday when I realized Santa had once again not listened to my wish.

I just read on the American Girl website that they are retiring Samantha and I must confess that the news hit me harder then I ever expected it would. It is taking an unbelievable amount of self control not to go buy her RIGHT NOW. Just to have a dream fulfilled… Except I still don’t need a baby doll that costs $95 and I have no little girl to save her for yet. I do feel a little foolish for shedding a couple tears over this news (just a couple tears)

But Chrissa….how perfect is she!!! For me!!!!!


One thought on “OMG! They made me into an American Girl Doll!

  1. OMG! Samantha was totally my favorite. I dreamed of having her for YEARS!! We couldn’t afford her either. I loved getting the catalogs and dreaming of having those dolls and their fancy travel cases and clothes. And we just got a new catalog, and I saw she was retiring. I tried to figure out a reason I needed to buy her for my sons. While they do have dolls, they really don’t like them enough to have one like that. I was sad too! But I am happy the new doll is so super cool, and so like you. 😉

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