Poor neglected blog…

I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth….


So I have a great weekend.

We had a lovely time at the company party although I have an idea for the suggestion box….how about doing the speeches BEFORE you let the booze start flowing quite so freely…. have the CEO of our company have to call attention like a principle at a school assembly is not fun for anyone. Having said CEO stop in the middle of his speech and wait for the drunk people to shut up is awkward for everyone. And have the CEO have to call out your group from the podium since you couldn’t take the hint to just shut it up is ridiculous.

There was an appetizer buffet that was lovely. It have a lovey fruit and cheese section and shrimp cocktail. However Michael favorite part (the part he is still going on about) was the mini quiche….you know the kind you can get frozen at Sam’s club??? Yep, he loves those little buggers. He also ate a lot of cake which he said was great….it was a grocery store sheet cake…I am an accomplished baker and my husband prefers the grocery store cake and frozen quiche….good grief!?!? What am I going to do with him???


Words can not express how amazing the symphony was on Saturday night. It was spectacular! The guest musicans were David Greenberg on the baroque violin and Chris Norman on the wooden flute and small (midland) bagpipes. As a flute player myself I was super impressed at the range and control this dude had on a wooden flute. Both musicians are from Nova Scotia so the maritime pieces where show stopping. They also preformed some very fun Scottish/Gaelic pieces. And of course since the both specialize in early music they has some beautiful baroque pieces. I will be getting both of their CDs.

P.S. Chris Norman is the flute player on the Titanic Soundtrack.

Sunday was potluck at church. I fixed Chicken Cordon Blue, Crys’ Brussels sprouts (well, they DO speak french in Belgium) and an orange chocolate pudding…think European here not Jello style as it was a baked pudding.

I think it is hilarious the effect bacon can have on a food. Take Brussels sprouts for example, a food usually sneered at, but if you cook them with mushrooms and water chess nuts in bacon grease even pre schoolers will gobble them up. Seriously


And I did spend plenty of time relaxing and creating….I would love to show you what I was working on however I might have misplaced my camera…and drivers license….and wallet. I can not find the little clutch I carried to the party which contained all of those items. So as soon I locate said little clutch I will update with pictures of my craftiness.


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