Fun weekend plans….

I have some fun things planned for this weekend. I am mostly excited to NOT be working….

Tonight is our company holiday party. I am kind of excited to be going since I did not go last year. Babbers and I are double dating with our sweeties. I am looking forward to the tapas and live music. I am also hoping to win one of the awesome prizes they usually give away. However the McKissisk’s will be leaving once the drinking gets out of hand. Its never fun to be the sober person in a room full of drunks.

The Saturday I will spend the day creating (and doing laundry) which I am looking forward too. I have so many things I want to make. Hopefully I will have some pictures of my productivity to show soon.

Saturday evening we are going to the symphony to see the winter concert put on by the CWSO. We love to go to the symphony and are very grateful our friend is a violinist with the CWSO and gives us tickets.

Sunday is a French themed potluck at church. I am still researching my recipes but I will post what I make when I committ to actually making it. Then in the evening I will be hanging out with my friend Brenda who moved to Wausau. I am looking forward to seeing her new place.

Monday is my day….I will probably wear my pjs all day. I will continuing my creating spree. Hopefully I get a lot done.

What are you guys up to?


3 thoughts on “Fun weekend plans….

  1. Ben and I are going to Wausau tonight for a basketball game and dinner. Have fun at the office party!

  2. I also have a ton of things planned. Christmas shopping, chopping down a Christmas tree, Make a Goodwill donation, dinner at my parents, and hopefully a little relaxation time.

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