I am a lucky (and spoiled) Girl!!!!

Well, I have returned home from vacation. I had a lovely time thank you very much. However I am very tired. For those of you who do not know my mother in law had knee replacement surgery a few weeks ago and it is just her and me as far as holiday chefs go. Well this year it was just me…with her trying to help but mostly stressing and exhausting herself. She does reward well for slave labor though and I made out real good!

Look what Santa brought me… well actually my mother in law and Michael

Brother 1034D 3/4 Lay-In Thread Serger

I have been wanting a serger for awhile. And now my sewing studio is complete and I am very content.

For the slave labor I received these as payment

Navy Converse - New by irisheyz_5

New Navy chucks. My old navy chucks were really ratty since I’ve had them since 7th grade….I have these in a lot of colors…I am weird like that.

And to break up our long road trip DH let me stop to stretch my legs at Hancock of Paducah (Aka the most amazing fabric shop in the world)

I scored some yardage of the AH Tillbrook collection. Isn’t it magical?

Sprites of Tillbrook by *Vintage Fairytale*

"Tillbrook" Alexander Henry by *Vintage Fairytale*

Its a collection of fabrics featuring Sprites. So sweet. I can not wait to make a frilly frock out of this.

Then on Saturday I had an awesome mail day!!!!  woo hoo I received a couple of great packages in the mail. I love ordering from coops since but the time the items arrive I sometimes forgot what I ordered.

In my box I had a few more yards of these fun Ooga Booga prints.

Ooga Booga by Kaidensmom


I also got some fun new patterns:

Oliver and S Bubble Dress Pattern 3mo - 24mo

Oliver and S Swingset Tunic And Skirt Pattern 3mo - 24mo

I also receive the New Conceptions Baby Essentials pattern and The Olivia and The Feliz patterns by Farbenmix. I have loved the other Farbenmix patterns I have made (Anna, Cara and Vida)

So I have lots to keep my creative soul busy the next few weeks and I am super stokes. I actually took some vacation days in January to have a “stay-cation”  a vacation where I stay in the sewing studio and create….and perhaps make a few day trips downstairs to the art studio for some college and painting.


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