Anxiously Awaiting….

2pm tomorrow

when I get off work we will be leaving for Tennessee for a much needed vacation! I am very excited although I know it won’t really be all that relaxing since my mother in law just had he knee replaced and I will be cooking Thanksgiving for our whole family solo this year…but I miss my in laws and can’t wait to be “home”.

Also my mother in law spoils me. That would be the advantage of being the daughter in law who is not a stripper…..and who put her baby through preaching school thus fulfilling her motherhood dream of having one of her boys become a preacher. It works for me! I ain’t got no mama…..

Speaking of my MIL she was so stressed about having her knee replaced so close to Thanksgiving since that is the major holiday in our family (we actually celebrate Christmas on Black Friday since everyone is travels). The ironic thing is that ever since I joined the family 11 no 12 (yikes!) years ago she has slowly but surely making less of the meal. All she has left is the dressing but since I can make it in my sleep with no recipe she should just relax….however she is in denial about the amount of cooking she does for the Thanksgiving meal….

The first year when Michael and I were dating I offered to make the pies. Since I was so young (17) and she is slightly controlling about traditions she agreed but made backups just in case….My pies were a hit…

The first year we were married MIL and I did the cooking together. I ended up with all the pies and the potatoes.

Each year a I took over more and more responsibility. Fast forward to two years ago when we were discussing the Turkeys (we make two, one for sandwiches) I was making a suggestion since I had made a turkey for a dinner party recently and it was really good. MIL is stickler for tradition and did not want to change the way she did the turkey. At this point all she was making was the Turkey (I carved),dressing and Yams ( I refused to cover them in marsh mellows). Michael waltzes in and say “Crystal made the most amazing turkey the other day, it was incredible” and that is how I became in charge of the turkey. So why she is stressing so much is beyond me. I have tried to reassure her it would be fine. But I am certain she will want to reward my good and faithful service. And she will treat me to chick-fil-a….woo hoo


3 thoughts on “Anxiously Awaiting….

  1. There’s nobody more well-equipped to make a Thanksgiving dinner.

    I would pass out from the pressure.

  2. That’s great that your MIL is becoming more trusting of you. We have no doubts that you will rock it out! I am not under familial obligations to cook yet. Grams-in-law is still alive and cooking like a fiend, God bless her! Maybe next year if we move away.

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