Date night with Michael…

So Thursday was a wet and dreary day in Wisconsin. I won’t complain too much since it was raining and NOT snowing….Oh how I am dreading the snow….cold, wet feet, soggy, stained pant legs, and slippery, treacherous ice. However Thursday was a great day for napping, sewing and going to the movies. Which as it turns out is exactly what we did.

On Wednesday night at Bible study someone mentioned the movie Fireproof. This is a Christian based movie about marriage. Most other Christians have heard of this movie especially since it has been selling out in places however we live under a rock (and do not watch much TV or listen to the radio) so we were clueless. As soon as Michael found out Kirk Cameron was in it he started begging to go. Michael is a huge fan of the Way of the Master ministries which Kirk is a part of. So after a day of napping, sewing and general putzing around with a little laundry thrown in for good measure we headed out to Wausau to see the movie. Actually before we drove to Wausau we had to stop at the local hobby shop to get a coal mine for someones model railroad. I won’t complain since it will keep him happy and busy….too busy to play with Bernie which is something he thinks he wants to do. Ok, back to the subject at hand….

This movie was phenomenal. Simply amazing. It gave me so much joy to see a wholesome Christ-center movie on the big screen as opposed to straight to DVD which is usually the lot of Christian movies. I highly recommend any married person or person considering getting married go see this movie. It is based around a couple on the brink of divorce and the change in thoughts and actions they go through and the decisions they make. I won’t spoil the rest but please go see it. Even if you aren’t Christian it will be beneficial. I promise. Michael and I had a great discussion regarding our marriage on the way home from the movie. I guess that is the one benefit to having to drive 45 minutes to the theater.

Also check out this site


There is also a home study that goes along with this movie. We are going to host the study in our home starting in January. If you want to come please do…I will make cookies.


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