One of the many reasons I love this man….

My sweet (mostly) husband has such a tender heart. He feels a need to “rescue”, feed and tame any wild creature that takes up residence in our yard. He also gives them names. This is sometimes a problem especially when I grow a large garden and we are currently the adopted parents to a wild rabbit names Nebacanezzer who is roughly the size of a cocker spaniel.

I went home from work early yesterday as I seem to have the never ending cold and was completely miserable. As I was walking through my yard I spotted this


What we thought was a gorgeous dead bird. This made us very sad since we are bird people…..

Michael came outside while I went to set my stuff down (and get my camera) and when I returned he said “Look, he blinked, he’s not dead!”

to which I replied “yes, honey, but wild birds do not typically allow you to poke and prod them with sticks or just randomly sit in the middle of ones front yard”

“But He blinked, maybe he is tired” said the ever optimistic Michael

” I suspect he is hurt, what do you think we should do”

“I know, I will be right back” Michael answered

This is Michael’s answer


He attempted to feed the poor bird whilst I debated if we should take him to the animal hospital on the corner or not. We decided to wait until after we went to vote and see if he was still there. We briefly mentioned that it was possible the bird was in pain and someone should “put him out of his misery” however since neither of us could actually kill something we decided to wait. I ran in the house to get my purse and when I came back out this is what I witnessed……..


Michael was praying for this poor wild creature. It made my heart melt….

Although I quickly nixed his idea of nursing it back to health so we can make it an indoor pet. The insanity must stop somewhere.

When we returned from exercising our right as citizens the lovely little bird had died. We were very sad.


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