Excess Baggage

We are having a weight loss and wellness challenge at work called Excess Baggage. It is a really cool program our company puts on for us to encourage healthy living. As participants we have access to all sorts of resources for weight loss and wellness in general. My company (Travel Guard) has partnered with my Gym to put this together. Seriously my gym is pretty swanky check out that link!

I have decided to blog my goals to help me be more accountable and to help my friends (hey Lusty Ladies) encourage me.

The program runs now through January 19. My goal is to loss 40 pounds and WIN!!!!

They suggested we keep a food journal for a couple days to see any areas that need improvement however I have only consumed cough drops, 7-up and cornbread today so I will start that tomorrow…or when ever I can handle food again.

What are your health and wellness goals?


4 thoughts on “Excess Baggage

  1. My weight loss goal is to get some form of exercise at least 6 days a week. I would like to loose 20 lbs by June. More importantly than loosing weight though is that I would like to drop my percentage of body fat. I can stand only loosing 10 pounds if my BMI drops by 5%. Last I checked, I was at about 32%. Healthy BMI for women is b/t 18-25%. I like sharing fitness goals. Makes me feel less alone.

  2. True true! Crys, you may think I’m nice and thin, but I’m really unfit. I guess my goal will be to gain back a little bit of the muscle I had back when.

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